Sunday, May 25, 2008

My Favorite Picture

This picture was taken this past week - May 20, to be exact. It has become my favorite of O and E. So I thought I'd share it with you all. They're both really growing up! O is 22 months and E is 3 months now.


We went camping last weekend. I don't have any of the pictures here at home as they're on my computer at work. (Note to self: Bring home laptop and post more pictures!) But, one of our friends who went with us took this picture of O who had found her way to the bag of chips which is evident by the orange residue around her lips! BUSTED!

Where's E?

Oh, its been way too long since I've updated our family blog. So, in attempt to appease family and friends, I'll post a few tonight. Maybe you'll get lucky and I'll post more tomorrow since I'll be home for the holiday. I apologize in advance if the next few posts are a bit out of order.

These pics were taken on April 22 (a full month ago). E is 2 months here and O is 21 months. O has really taken to E and loves taking care of him. Every time she wakes up, whether from a nap or from a full-night's sleep, her first question is, "Where's E?" Though, of course she says his full name, not just his blog name. :-) She always needs to know where her little brother is.