Friday, September 12, 2008


Eli never liked his swing. He just wasn't a swinging kind of baby. It's still sitting in our study though, so I thought I'd put him in it. He wasn't real fond of it, but I still got one smile out of him. Too bad now he's too big for it. Anyone want to buy a swing? :-)

Our Little Ballerina

Here are some pics of Olivia last Saturday before her first "dance" class. I didn't get any pics at class because she was so shy that I had to do all the exercises with her. We hopped like bunnies, jumped like frogs, stretched, skipped, and galloped. Well, at least the other 3 girls and I did, Olivia didn't do much of anything but stand there!

Someone was tired

This one speaks for itself.

Morning Ritual

I originally took the pictures because I thought it was cute how they like to spend time together. But, I didn't realize it until I downloaded these pics, but I guess we have a morning ritual. LOL Here's a couple of pics (taken 3 days apart) of Olivia and Eli just after waking up. They're most likely watching Mickey Mouse (Olivia's fav these days) and are obviously not awake yet.


This kid loves to eat. Anything and everything! Here, Olivia decided Eli needed a bite of her quesadilla and sour cream. I'm not sure he knew what to think about it--but he didn't seem to mind. :-)

These pics were taken around the first of August, which was only a little over a month ago, and this onsie is now super tight on him. He's growing so fast. His 6 month check-up was on August 29 and he weighed 25.1 lbs and was 29" long. He's off the charts in both height and weight. The doc said he doesn't expect Eli to slow down any time soon!

Much Needed Updates

Here they come . . . lots of updates. Vito is at "game night" at church, both kids are in bed, and I have computer time all to myself!!

These pics were taken on July 30 of Eli wearing Vito's hat. He looks SO grown-up. It's hard to remember that he's still only 6 months old. Then, on the other hand, it's hard to believe he's already 6 months old. Isn't he the cutest little boy, ever?