Monday, October 29, 2007

Be Patient

So my dear friend (you know who you are) is giving me a hard time about not having more pictures up yet. I figure an explanation is in order . . . we are remodeling our house to make room for baby E. Our study is in a state of complete disorder which means the computer is not even plugged in. I promise to remember to bring the camera to work tomorrow and download/upload (still don't know the appropriate word) some pics. Just be patient with me . . . they're coming.

In the meantime, here's O about 2 months ago proudly displaying her big-girl princess jammies. This was when I believed she really was a princess . . . before she was in her "independent, I-can-do-anything by myself" stage. Now I'm not so sure about these princess jammies . . . they seem a bit deceiving. We bought her a shirt last weekend that says "Trouble is my middle name" . . . I think that's a bit more appropriate these days. :-)

Oh, but I love her just the same if not more!

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