Wednesday, June 18, 2008


My dear friend, M, tells me its time for another update . . . what would I do without you, M? :-) For those of you who are also my Facebook friends, these pics might be a repeat - but at least here you get a little explanation too!

Here are some random, having fun pics of O and E. O is almost 23 months and E is almost 4 months. Aren't they cute?

Say "cheese!"

E cheering on his big sis, O - "Go Sis!"


Ooops! Who put that there?

Having a great time playing together.

My big boy!


~mj~ said...

*happy dance*
Yay!! I love it!! Thank you SO much! I needed my O/E fix!! :o) Beautiful babies!

eric wright said...

You guys have some beautiful kids!