Sunday, November 4, 2007

Happy Halloween

O was Tinkerbell this year. We had trunk or treat at church and set up our trunk as Tinkerbell's fairy land.

I made a magic wand for her out of a magic marker and some sparkly, gold pipe cleaners. Man, I felt like the mother of a toddler when I was doing that! It was one of those "ah-ha" moments. She loved the magic wand and had a great time waving it around at everyone who came by our trunk.

O decided that walking was a good mode of transportation just this last week (FINALLY). She had a great time toddling around the parking lot in her stocking feet. Here she is toddling up to a fat mommy. :-)

"Up, Mommy." Who could resist that face?

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~mj~ said...

You BEAT me to it!! I was just going to check your blog and then harass you in an email to get Halloween pictures up. She looked beautiful as Tinkerbell, and you look fantastic! Cute lil' baby bump!! (Now who is this demanding friend you speak of...always bugging you for new pics? Man, she sounds like a REAL pain!) :oP