Friday, November 9, 2007

Our Future Soccer Star

V has always wanted a soccer player. I think he got his wish with Baby E. This kid is much more active in utero than O ever was. As I'm posting this new pic of him I am getting kicked left and right. His new fetish is internal organs. I don't know what it is he's been kicking in there lately but whatever it is it doesn't feel too good! I can't imagine what he'll be like when he's out here in the world with us . . . watch out KC Wizards . . . you've got your next pro soccer player coming!

(This pic was taken at 23 weeks.)

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~mj~ said...

Ohhh!! I know a "certain" little boy who was VERY active in-utero. Lemme tell ya, he's STILL active. Very active. Boys are a whole different ball game, I tell ya! :o) Can't wait for you to experience it. :o)