Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009

We had a great Christmas in Oklahoma City with Jenni's family. We usually go to Amarillo, but due to the birth of little Noah, we all met in OKC this year.

Thanks to the blizzard on Christmas Eve, we were all snowed in at different homes. Scott had to spend the night at the hospital where he works. We were all quite happy to be together on Christmas day when we all finally made it to Sara/Ryan's house around noon. We spent some time with Uncle Rick and his family, too. And everyone packed an over-night bag for Christmas night. No one wanted to be stranded so we all camped out on floors and couches at Sara/Ryan's house. It definitely was different this year, but we were all together. I can't ask for anything more than that.

Olivia and Eli were both so much fun this Christmas. Last year, Eli was just 10 months old. But this year both kids were able to get into the spirit of Christmas. Olivia can tell you the Christmas story nearly word for word. In fact, she gets pretty upset when Daddy elaborates and doesn't get straight to the point of the story! Yes, we do Santa and all of that fun, but the real reason of the season is the birth of Jesus Christ. And its so exciting to hear our little 3.5 year old tell the story and get excited about baby Jesus' birthday!
Olivia (3.5 yrs) happily playing at Aunt Sara/Uncle Ryan's house.

Eli (22 months) just being himself!

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