Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Cousin!

It's been so long since I've blogged. I've gotten used to relying on facebook only, but its so hard to tell the "stories" of life on facebook. Maybe it will be my 2010 resolution to blog more. :-) We'll see how I do.

We were privileged to spend Christmas in Oklahoma City where both of my sisters and their husbands live. My youngest sister, Sara, and her husband, Ryan, just welcomed their brand new baby boy, Noah, into the world just days before Christmas. After a week in NICU with antibiotics, he was able to come home on Christmas Day! Despite a blizzard, little Noah was able to join us all for Christmas. Yay!

Olivia had anxiously been awaiting Noah's arrival. She knew that first Noah was coming, then Santa was coming, and then it was Baby Jesus' birthday. This was an exciting time in the life of a three year old! Olivia couldn't wait to finally see Noah and hold him. In her words, "I'll hold him gentle on his head and his bottom. Maybe he'll fall asleep in my arms."

Well, she finally got to hold him. And to her delight, he did fall asleep in her arms!

Eli was pleased with his new little cousin, too. We were even successful at our attempt for a cousins picture! Here they are . . . Olivia (3.5 years), Noah (10 days), Eli (22 months).

Welcome to the family, little Noah!

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Mommy Jenn said...

Olivia is such a mature and sweet lil girl. I hope to get to meet her some day!