Thursday, January 14, 2010

Down 2.3 . . . 37.7 to go

New year, new me. Yeah, I've said it before. But this year . . . yeah, I've said that before, too!

So far, though, I'm down 2.3 lbs. Only 37.7 more to go. I'm motivated and excited. We got the new Wii Fit Plus with some Christmas money and its been fun the past three days. I feel energized and ready to keep working out!

We've also started eating better - all of us! Trying new veggies and cooking more balanced meals. It feels good eating well.

So, here's to a new year and a new me.

Speaking of weight, Olivia is getting close to hitting the 40 lb mark and I'm pretty sure she's grown taller in the past few weeks.

Eli still hasn't caught up to big sister, but he's catching up. I think he's less than a pound lighter. I found some pants at Target last week that I couldn't pass up. They are the kind that roll up to turn into shorts. Except on Eli, since he needs the bigger waist, these are super long and roll up just to the exact length he needs for pants! Perfect! Last year I passed them up in early spring thinking I'd get them later on only to find them sold out when we needed them. So off we went into the dressing room to try them on and choose the 5T pants! 5T! He's not even 2 yet!

I must do better at taking pictures to post here!

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Justine said...

wow 5T's already! he is a growing boy.