Sunday, January 24, 2010

Crazy? Yes!

I start a new class tomorrow. I have a few classes to take in order to complete my course of study for ordination and one starts tomorrow. So why not add one more thing to my life. Crazy? Yes! But also ready to be ordained. A few classes, one more year, and I'll be able to check ordination off my "to do" list! I did my first assignment tonight with energy and motivation. Please pray that energy and motivation last past tonight! Ready or not, here I come!

While Daddy was at youth group tonight, the kids and I had a bit of fun. The evening started out kind of grumpy for all three of us. But after a change in attitude from Mommy, we all had a pretty decent evening.

Here's Eli with a tat of his lady. :-) Yes, he picked the tattoo and the location of where to put it. And he proudly held his shirt open for the picture!

My two goofy kiddos watching me make their dinner. This is Eli's new "say cheese" face!

And here they are making silly faces. :-)


Justine said...

good luck!!!

love the tatoo!!

Mommy Jenn said...

Jenni, your kids are too cute!!