Saturday, February 6, 2010


So remember my last post? When I told you I was to be starting a new class along with everything else in my life. And when I said I was crazy . . .

As I sit here at Starbucks doing homework (well, with a brief break to post this blog), I am reminded how crazy I really am. Yes, I'm doing homework at Starbucks. It seems to be the only place I can get to on a Saturday evening when I'm behind on homework and just have to do it. I'm only two weeks into the class and already behind. Two weeks into it, I'm resorting to leaving the kids home with Vito and retreating to a tiny table at the nearby coffee shop. Two weeks into it means six weeks more to go. Six weeks of Saturday nights at Starbucks. Hmm, put it that way and it doesn't sound too bad!

This was my week . . . meeting after meeting after meeting. Its a good thing I like the people I was in meetings with and that I love my job. I may have gone postal come Thursday evening if it weren't for those two aspects! I suppose this adds to the craziness I speak of.

Lifting my grande, non-fat caramel macchiato to a hopeful upcoming week of less craziness.

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chrisandlynsey said...

Being a mom of 2 and studying is SO hard...but definitely worth it!! Keep on plugging away, it will pay off! After over a year of mostly studying, I passed my the class and all the exam prep were worth it...I know yours will be too!

And hey---its quiet time alone without the kiddos....:) You might actually miss it when its over ;P