Saturday, January 16, 2010


I wouldn't be a good Mommy if I didn't blog about this achievement!

Eli went pee-pee in the potty this morning for the first time! We've been sitting him on the potty for weeks now, but he's never actually gone. He'll tell us if he's wet or dirty and he'd rather wear undies or pull-ups than diapers. So I know he is showing some good signs that potty training isn't too far away. I've always been told that boys don't train very young, but I do think having a big sister helps us in this area. He wants to be just like his Sissy.

So, this morning we had a great achievement! We all celebrated with clapping and cheering, and Eli got his first sticker on his potty chart.

Here he is standing next to his chart. He doesn't seem as excited as I am about this! (By the way, I think he looks a lot like his daddy in this picture.) :-)

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